Middle Space EP

by Middle Space

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Jacob Brickley - Guitar/Backing Vocals (except in Separate)
Ryan Egan - Bass
Ben Neat - Drums/Percussion
Mark Tolley - Guitar/Lead Vocals (except in Separate)


released September 9, 2016

James Revitt - producer/mixing/mastering
Jason Lewis - engineer




Middle Space England, UK

Young 4 piece indie rock band from the West Mids consisting of:

- Haydn Sayce
- Ryan Egan
- Ben Neat
- Mark Tolley

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Track Name: Inside Your Mind
You say hell is empty, now all the devils are here
An undertone of angst between them.
A cautious fascination, amongst a violent discord
Unspeakable desires spoken.

Your head’s a cloudburst and a hurricane,
A tempting notion lingers on your brain,
Lucid ocean, summer haze.

Shrouded in confusion, don't know who to believe,
Incapable of seeing both sides.
Well isn’t it a pain, that we can’t go back,
To where it all started?
Track Name: Too Soon
Stuck in a rut until you offered me your last one,
It didn’t last too long but nothing ever does though,
Burnt through your cigarette, you stopped me said “please don’t go”,
You wanted my eleven digits, I call home.

I took you home through the darkened midnight streets,
Quietly opening the door I’ll see you sometime,
Walking home there’s a thousand things running through my mind,
Your lucky weren't the only thing I wanted that night.

Is it too soon?
Track Name: Don't Go Back Too Fast
Conversation for the evening,
Concentrated on my mind,
And it all falls into place, if you feel me honey.

Reckless instigation, unconscious deviation,
Risky but I want it, I’ll get you some,
If you deal me, honey.

She said, don’t go back too fast.
Times they've changed you, words they fail you.
She said, don’t go back too fast,
And I don’t know how and I don’t know why.
She said, don’t go back too fast.

Lock the door behind, to take a wander through my mind,
And I’ve come to realise, nothing’s real honey.

She said, don’t go back too fast.
Track Name: Separate
Hold me close as we go high above the clouds,
Take the 54, it's the fastest way out this town,
When we're on the back of our God,
Or on the back of the bus,
How can I not miss you now?

It takes us up, up, up,
And straight back down, down, down,
Tell me, have you had enough?
Or do you need me now?

Cause I've been losing the fight with my own thoughts,
I can't help but feel you don't need this,
I can't help but separate.

You talk me into it again and again,
But I can't find the words to say what I mean,
When we walk through the woods,
Wondering whether we should,
Is it hard to keep me in your dreams?

I've been losing the fight with my own thoughts,
I can't help but feel you don't need this,
I can't help but separate.

I've thrown away the tunes and the words that once helped me,
To think of a way to elaborate,
On something I might've said.